Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bullish Falling Wedge: A Powerful Reliable Pattern

One of my absolute favorite patterns to trade as a pure technical trader is the bullish FALLING WEDGE pattern. Loyal readers of this blog know this pattern very well since i post it often when i do see it in some stocks, I usually pay much closer attention to the stocks that are in play for this pattern.

3-4 weeks ago i posted this FALLING WEDGE pattern in DDD (see attached chart below).
This setup was emailed to ART OF TRADING members and also posted on StockTwits/Twitter .

 Right now, we have a very similar pattern shaping up in PCYC : See chart below:

Hope it helps! Good luck in your trading next week!

Some Recent ART OF TRADING member feedback : 

Continue to be amazed at your ability to "scan" these winners.  Also what is most impressive is the timing behind these picks.  It seems to me that recent picks have been prepped and ready to be served.  Just incredible.  Let me know what I can do to keep you in "A" game mode....  Thanks again TS for everything!!  
Kevin (kjp)

"I went long DIS, UTX and AVP. But I must say that the chat room is pure gold. I booked $758 in sales today from hanging out there, and that was just the AM. Took the rest of the day off and treated the wife to lunch. Thanks again."
Chris McL. 


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