Friday, March 14, 2008

Boys Night Out: Cowboy Steaks!

I love cooking. Yesterday i made steaks for my two buddies. 3.25lbs of aged rib eye and new york sirloin steak. 2 inches thick steaks, cowboy style! Always, medium rare!! With a nice glass of some Oregon and California merlot and Syrah. Vodka Red Bull for dessert! Wish you were there.


fufufnik said...

Cooked perfectly...yummm

Stewie said...

Trading, soccer and cooking are my passions. If you ever visit portland, stop by Stewie's House of Steaks ;-) hahaha! My friends were so impressed they actually took pictures. :-) said...

hey stewie,
I really like your blog charts--
I had IWM puts yesterday, going into today---I did ok--
changed to IWM calls intraday--
hero or zero--I'll see on Monday

I think I better raise my target price on GDX--
0.75% rate cut might propel GDX higher than $57

Bluedog said...

Damn that looks good!! Did you grill those bad boys? I like the parsley garnish, candlelight and wine. Where were the women?!!! You had a babetrap set up and you didn't even know it! ;)


Stewie said...

BD. No girls that night. It was boys night. Girls will get their turn this weekend. hahahaha!
For those steaks:
I started off by letting those bad boys come to room temperature by letting them sit on the counter for about an hour. Then I used lots of sea salt and ground pepper and pressed it into the meats using my palm. Then i cranked the oven to 500 degrees and let it create a furnace like heat. Meanwhile i got out the grill pan and cranked it to high heat on the stove top. I used a touch canola oil and once the canola starts to smoke a bit, then i seered the steaks for 5 minutes on each side, DO NOT TOUCH THEM, let them seer and let that salt turn into a crunchy crust on the steak. Then you throw those bad boys in the 500 Degree oven and let them roast baby! depending on the thickness, I threw those 2 inch steaks in the hot oven for about 8-10 minutes. comes out medium rare and let those steaks rest once of the oven for about 5-10 minutes. let the juicy relax and redistribute. Then carve and enjoy with a good merlot.
I wish you were there.

upsidetrader said...

killing me bro

Ragin' Cajun said...


Damn that shit looks good, I will be dropping by soon.

BTW, congrats on the great day yesterday.

Doug said...

Holy crap, Stewie, those look GOOD! Love the west coast wines, I'm right by Napa but am on a Syrah kick right now. You have lots of good stuff up there too! I'm looking you up on my next trip to Portland! --DougSF

Stewie said...

we do steak night regularily here. you all are welcome any day.

MC said...

Can you atleast send us some of those here in the east coast?

Stewie said...

hahaha! pinoy. you are gonna have to stop by portland dude.

Bluedog said...

I'll have to try that. I usually grill my steaks. I do the same salt and pepper combo, sometimes basting with beer. I'll turn the grill to 400 or so, throw the steaks on, and time it for 2 min. At that mark, I move the steaks 45-90 degrees to get that nice diamond grill mark. After another 2 min., I'll flip it over and repeat. It takes 8 min. total and comes out perfect (med. rare).


Stewie said...

bd. you seem like a fellow steak lover. what state are you in?

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