Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stock To Watch


gamingthemarket said...

STV has been actively hitting the major investment road shows. They were at Needham and Co. Growth conference last month. Yesterday was the Piper Jaffray & ChinaVenture Investment Conference. Is it reasonable to think 401k managers have a short list of undervalued companies to build a position on?

That being said, volume selling into the open tomorrow would be a clear exit sign--if it happens.

Sia said...

I tried to keep an eye on STV when it first came public, just waiting for it to go up like crazy like all other chinese stocks, but it never did. Eventually I gave up on it, but now it seems like it is getting some attention finally, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Way to Stevie on your best day trading day today :) Hope you make a ton more... Now I hope I can recover some in NYX...ANy thoughts on some HOt plays out there.. hahaah


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