Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alan Farley On Why The "Lack Of Liquidity in 2009"

Liquidity.This is a big one -- have you noticed how daily volume has been lower than average across the broad market even though January should yield the heaviest participation levels of the year? Where are all the 401k contributions, value investors, speculators and other folks trying their hands at the market casino?

Of course, most RealMoney readers already know the answer to that deceptively simple question. So much wealth was destroyed in the 2008 crash that surviving mutual and hedge funds, as well as individual investors, no longer have the deep pockets needed to play the financial markets with the same intensity as in prior years.

Leverage has also taken a major hit in this bear market, contributing to an illiquid environment that might characterize the tape for the next five years or even longer. Add in municipalities that can't afford to buy stocks anymore and we have the makings for ultra-wide bid-ask spreads and support/resistance levels that fail to attract buyers or sellers.


Blue said...

Dude, the pokadots make me want to vomit.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Wow, you get engaged and suddenly you think it's safe to "gay" this place up, huh?

Polka dots?



Stewie said...

alright punks. here you go. something more "manly"!! :-)

Stewie said...

tho, this template will likely change in due time as well.

Blue said...

Personally I like content up top and front and center. The rest of the stuff could go elsewhere.

Thank God the pok-a-dots are gone.

Stewie said...

yea. i agree but that's all blogger was able to offer me as far as choices for this template.

On another note: booooo!! to me today. i gave up a 1200 gain and turned it into a 1700 loss. my first gain to loss in 2009. booooo!!!

Blue said...

I'm still down 2k on the year.

I was looking to fade the open today and even though I put BIDU up as my set up, I saw it go red at the open and moved on. Totally missed the whole move today and made one scalp on oil short (HES again) and made a little.

I have to fix my lack of trading the trend, I'm too friggin contrarian. I'll catch the one short move on a nice uptrend and get that, but totally miss the overall trend. It's silly..

875 Stewie, that gets taken out with volume... don't fight the uptrend until Feb. I think. USO, AFL, HIG all interesting to me. Even ESI could be a bubble burner for a while longer.

Anonymous said...

you might have to get a real job. oh wait, there is no jobs.

Stewie said...

lol. i'd hate to be looking for a job right now. I am just dealing with less gains than in 2008, that's the trend thus far this year.

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