Monday, January 12, 2009

Hilarious Video To Distract You In a Dull Market



Anonymous said...

Stewie - I suspect you have to be grimacing at forming an alliance with Richie. Especially, when he calls you the 'underboss' like your subservient to him

I imagine it's like being nice to the weird guy in school. Once you show them a little attention, you seem to run into him everywhere and, since he's your "friend", you're forced to be nice and maybe hang out with him a little. Soon, though, the guy (aka Richie) starts sticking a pencil up your dog's ass or showing up in the men's bathroom while you're there.

Stewie - it's less painful to just cut the cord sooner than later. Otherwise, Richie will be showing up with a pencil with your name on it at your doorstep.

Anonymous said...

How come we dont see you on wallstreak anymore ?

Stewie said...

anon2: i am not on wallstreak, shutting off cnbc or chatting on AOL anymore because that has been part of my many new additions to my trading in 2009. No outside distractions. I am talking Fearandgreed's advice. I noticed that my focus has much been much better since taking those changes. I love Wallstreak and ALL it's members and especially UGLY for hosting the site but i will be taking a long break from outside distractions. sorry brother.

Stewie said...

anon1: adding the kid to my blogroll is not a decision i regret at all. I have tons of guys on my blogroll and yes he is controversial and very annoying for many people. But he does not bother. i know what he is trying to do. As far as him calling me his "underboss", well, i just have to laugh and i think that you are taking these comments way too seriously. the only thing i can tell, i have way more serious things to worry about like trying to squeeze money out of the market this month. good trading and my advise to you is don't stress too much about the small things in life. good luck my friend.

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