Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BKX Update: OUCH!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stewie,

Are you making any progress this year? Seems like I'm getting chopped up every other day. Up one day, lose money another. No headway at all...

Stewie said...

i hear ya dude. that's why i stopped trading for now and i am focusing more on trying to buy a business in the portland area. trading has kinda taken a back seat right now.

Anonymous said...

What up Stew... What type of business in P town you looking at??? East side locale??? Just curious.. oh and when the fuck are you going to remove the piece of shit link to the little bitch blog.. He's a joke, his blog is old. Nothing new.. In person he is prolly just another hooker :D

Good luck to the business venture, hope you are a silent partner :)

Oh and since the little shit prolly reads your blog like some fanatic: FUCK YOU KID, stupid attention needing piece of trash, now go write about me. :)

Peace out stewie!

Oh, I say no to gold.. too late, what do you think stewie?

-sloth (little2bitches father)

Stewie said...

sloth: gold a little stretched here. as far as business in portland goes, not sure yet. just exploring ideas and kicking tires right now.

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