Thursday, February 12, 2009

Check Out CNBC's House Of Cards Special Report

hosted by David Faber(the only guy i truly respect on CNBC) is doing a 2 hour special on this credit crisis. Sounds like it will be worth a watch.
Airs tonight at 9pm west coast time.


Blue said...

I liked the part about Narvik, Norway and seeing Kyle Bass interviewed was cool. I read about him last year. Very street smart guy.

Stewie said...

that was a great show.

Anonymous said...

I agree that was a great show, it just goes to show that, we will never prosecute those people who took advantage of Americans who were chasing their dreams,knowing they will fail at the end of the day. Just to make a buck! They made the money and now everybody has to pick up the bill. That will be the next show for American Greed.

Stewie said...

so true brian.

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