Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Art Of Trading Mentorship Program

It's simple:

I will teach YOU EVERYTHING i know!
  • Charting from A to Z.
  • Setting price targets from charting.
  • Scanning and tracking 5, 15, 30, 60, daily and weekly timeframes to gain an edge.
  • Using MACD and RSI to spot potential reversal spots.
  • Volume anaylsis to spot fear and greed.
  • Candles to spot exhaustion and reversals: (Check out this post).
  • Using various indicators to detect potential major turning points.
  • Studing market internals to determine strength or weakness in a move to spot reversals(check out this post).
  • Preparing for the next market day and creating watchlists.
  • Spotting the most reliable price pattern formations such as wedges, flags and NR7s.
  • Trading using Reverse Psychology of Crowds.
  • Position Sizing management so as to stay as "unemotionless" as possible.
  • Trading the Holy Grail pattern in strong directional moving markets.
  • Day trading and swing trading strategies.
  • Knowing when/how to enter short positions.
  • Building positions in stocks in anticiaption of a big directional move.
  • Developing Market Feel take years to master but i will try my best here.
  • Keeping and maintaining a Trading Log to monitor yourself closely.
  • The importance of psycholgy in trading and knowing when to rest yourself.
  • Being able to stay as neutral as possible and hence being able to switch your bias in a matter of minutes (seconds in some cases) and trade according to how the charts morph infront of your eyes.
  • How to Think Outside the Box in trading.
  • Coaching yourself thru self-talk and self anaysis.
  • Avoiding information overload in trading. Simple is stressfree and usually better.
  • I will analyze your trades, your trading and give you good honest feedback.
  • NO Options, futures, or forex. I don't mess with these things.

That summerizes what i have in the pipeline, I am sure tons more stuff will come whilst teaching.

All this will be LIVE and REAL TIME and communication will be done on AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Instant messenger.

I will be at your service from 6AM to 2Pm west coast time or (9Am-5Pm east coast time). Will be small breaks in between these times but you will be notified.

I will allow up to a 30 minute phone call per day with each student.

I will give BUY or SELL recommendations in real time on trades you are watching.

I will call out potential good entries on trades, stops and will give constant feedback as where i think market prices might be headed.

I DO NOT trade everyday so please do not expect me to call out trades every day. I hate to force something that is not there.

Anyone who is serious about their trading should consider taking this step. There is no doubt in my mind that you will grow as a trader after completing this program.

I DO NOT guarantee you will be a Trading Heavy Weight once you are done with this program but i am confident that you will be BETTER, MORE SKILLFUL and MORE CONFIDENT in your abilities which will hopefully open the potentail to make better trades and make more money(I legally cannot guarantee that obviously). I am also convinced that this program will TAKE YEARS out of your learning process and we all know the learning process means money lost, which is something i had to do on my own and it took me a good ten years; subscribing to dozens and dozens of newsletters and reading tons of trading material, books, blogs and attending seminars etc. The learning process is THE TOUGHEST PART OF TRADING. MOST traders don't last long enough to get thru this very vital step. MY GOAL WITH THIS PROGRAM IS TO SHORTEN THIS STEP FOR YOU. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! As many of you already know, I LOVE HELPING traders! Why? Because i know this is a tough gig and i never ever had help and it's my way of paying back but if you do it right, this gig could be the most rewarding thing you do!

This program will take out YEARS off your learning process. I am confident of that.

Regular visitors of this blog and folks who traded with me on Wallstreak know how i trade and have seen my trading calls(many outrageous) and have seen how i managed thru the worst bear we have seen in decades. 2008 was my best year trading and it's because of the skills I plan to teach and this is what I am excited about!

What Is A Fair Price?

I decided that I have to charge what i think is a fair cost for me and the student. It took me years of hard work and dedication to get to where i am today. I lost tons of money during the learning process and this in my opinion is the price that you pay in the school of hard knocks. I knew it and i accepted it. I never had a mentor to show me the ropes, I did it all ALONE unfortunately. That's why it took me for damn long to finally get it right.

Do i wish i did it differently? HELL YEAH!!!!! Without question! I wish I had a good mentor that held my hand an took me under his wing. I would have paid $5000 easily if the mentor was a good one and helped shorten that vicious learning curve.

I am offering this one month mentorship program where i will attempt to teach you everything i know for $795. Sounds like a big amount, right? NO WAY! This is NOT a big amount if you can only think about how much money your learning curve will cost you if you skipped this step. Believe me, if i had to do this trading journey all over again, I would do it thru a mentor, no question in my mind! I would want a mentor who truly wants to see me grow as a trader however. I WANT to be part of your transition process from an average struggling trader to someone with skills, confidence, discipline and lasting power.

I will not be able to accept more than 6 students at any given month. This will simply be too much for me to handle and it would not be fair to the student who will require a lot of attention. I will accept the first ones that reply to me at

First come, first serve! You better email me quick because based on the emails i have been receiving over the past few weeks, these classes will fill up quick!

Anybody that comes after that will just have to wait till the following month.

Paypal will be setup on my blog soon!

First class begins April 1st and will run til April 30th.

Invest in yourself and it could be the best trade you have ever done!

I will only feel like this mentorship program has succeeded if YOU FEEL LIKE A MUCH BETTER and MORE SKILLFUL TRADER to tackle these markets with confidence!

I WANT YOU TO WIN pure and simple!!!

Are you ready for the TRANSITION PROCESS? Then Email me NOW!

Important Notice - Risk Disclaimer: Stocks trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stock and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any stock trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.


Salsaman said...

Eh.. I'm broke. Wish it was offered 50K capital ago! Best wishes on the new venture Stewie, I know you are doing it for good, certainly not the money!

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

I am interested, I sent you mail.Check it out.

I too am looking for those turning points in FAZ and SKF, when they materialise- come on, it's gotta happen sometime! Until then - its very much a Waiting game for me!


Stewie said...

don't worry salsa. there's always the Stock/Index alerts service if you need.

Anonymous said...

What do you feel is the timeline to impart the above knowledge? Is everything outlined above going to be covered during the month? What if the market goes rangebound will you still cover the above points via historical charts?


Stewie said...

anon: the ideas are the same. choppy mrkts or not, i always use these skills. during choppy perioids i tend to lay low and not trade as much but these tools you will make a better trader for when more tradeable conditions do come back. markst don't stay choppy for too long.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what do we need as far as charting software ,live feeds,etc so when I sign to your service we can see and follow the same charts with the same settings.Do we need any kind of prerequisite before we sign with your service.Thanks and I am very happy with your decision to teach us.
Loyal 9

Anonymous said...

Hi Stewie
Do we need any kind of prerequisite before we are signing to your service(Same charting software,data feed etc).Thanks for your decision to try to help us.

Stewie said...

loyal9: just use whatever software you already use. I don't use fancy software. simple is better imo.

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