Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome Week At The ART OF TRADING!!

Hey Stew - I played this through Jan 12 call options (the 40s) and made a quick $1,700... I normally don't go too big, but I like Akamai and your endorsement of a near term bottom helped.. glad I made the trade.. just covered it and took the gain.

Also in RAX (stock purchase) and am up over $500 - hoping for more.. You da man!! Thanks from Texas!!

Jeff G.

Hi Stewie
What a great week. Fantastic trading mate. The world seems to be in turmoil but your trading is solid as a rock
Have a great weekend

All the best

This week ended up very well, my account finished up 2% overall. I would say that is excellent, especially for me traveling, and trading off my phone. Thanks stew, appreciate your hard work, have a great weekend!


Hi Stewie,

Yes, it was a great week with all winners from you.
For me i'm not able to take all your trades as i'm from Singapore with
12 hours time different.
Furthermore my account is less than 25K and any 3 day trades per week
will make my account
suspended for any more new trades.

Nevertheless, great job from you.
Great service.


I was new earlier this week. Was cautious with my capital but
made money on all the trades. Was busy yesterday afternoon so missed those three trades
but was already in AKAM and bought the PCX this morning I believe a touch lower than your entry level.
Very impressed thus far.
Yours truly


I booked over $1K today. About $590 came from your 3 alerts (See the screenshot below). Overall, it is a good week for me.

Thanks for the awesome alerts!



I wanted to thank you for your efforts this week and for seven great trades! Your calls were right on the money and I was able to make them with ease even with a full time work schedule!! Some were smaller because I was in meetings but still a nice profit!!

SPWRA +$182
AMZN +$192
DANG +613
ACI +$114
PCX +$97
AKAM +$180
RAX +$336

+$1714 for the week!!

Thanks again,

Mike (mkemp)

Ok since joining about a week ago, I must say I am impressed. I am still long ACI and up 5% already. I saw so many positive reviews, I guess you have to experience it to see what it is all about. I am glad I did. Looking forward to more trades
Thanks Stewie

Hey Stewie!!!!

Here is my 11 Week UPDATE!!! What a freaking week!!!!! I think its time to bump my share size to 750 per trade. I went to 500 because of the crazy market, but 3 straight weeks of good picks and I think its time to up it, not quite back to 1000, but 750 is good.

Thanks!! And keep these picks coming!!

Total profit since joining this service: $4,181.22



Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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