Thursday, March 24, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Video: Reversal Trade In AMZN

Hi Stewie,

Thanks for the great trade! I bought 100 shares yesterday at 162.76 and sold this morning at 168 even. Very happy with the profits!! ($524.oo Gain!)

Justin (Member for 1 month)

Hey Stewie thanks for the amzn trade, bought 5 calls at 10.45 and sold them today at 14.00!!!!!! You are Awesome... (33%Gain!)

Kumar (Member for 2 months)

Hello Stewie,

I haven't been able to trade for the last month due to family and other various responsibilities. I was able to take the ACI trade this week and booked a nice 3.78% gain ($754 profit). I took your original alert but decided to let it ride setting my stop this morning at break even and adjusting it up during the day. Thanks again for the idea.

Brian W. (Member for over 1 year)

"I got 250 shares AMZN at 162.8 and sold at 164 for $300 gain!

Thanks. Keep um coming!"

Gianluca (Member over 2 months)


Silvina (member for almost one year: Trading out of Argentina)

Hey Stewie,

Just wanted you to know, i also had a good day.. DANG +$240. ARUN +$205, ACI
+$160, CHS -$35, and SSN +$100 = $604 net of commissions.

Exited too early on some, this market has me twitchy.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!

Larry (Member for almost 2 months)

Hi stewie,
I made $200 with AAPL!

Andrea (Brand new member: His first trade here! Trading out of Milan, Italy)

Hi Stewie,

I was on the sidelines and watched your alerts..your trade management is good in any market..have to stay with you to learn first trade SPWRA today after waiting for the last few weeks..going to seriously take your alerts hereafter. I might ask questions sometimes..please try to help me.


Ram. G (member for 2 months now)

Stewie I took AMZN with you great trade! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Molly (member for 1 month)

Hey Stewie,

Saw the AMZN alert a little late but decided to make a trade anyway. Picked up some Apr 170 call's for 2.15, sold them later at 2.85 (32% gain in two hours!) Thanks Buddy!

Lonny (Member for 2 months)

Hi Stewie,

great alerts today especially liked AMZN altho i missed it. Had a nice gain in ACI and am in SPWRA trade. Thanks for the great work you do , i'm learning every day in chatroom !

Chris (Vikingtrader77) (member for 2 months)

Hi Stewie

thx for AMZN trade!!! Up $2.50 out at $165.10 from $162.60!!!

Yeah baby $$$ bought BIDU options as well! Great day for me!!!

I am learning you do not need to trade everyday just need the right setup.

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Yasien (Member for 3 months)


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!


D said...

amazing call, i guess it happened much quicker than anticipated after a morning gap up, now that its trading above the target of 170, do you still see more upside potential?

Stewie said...


I do think AMZN goes higher. Next stop 175 near gap down resistance.

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