Monday, March 14, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Video: How To Trade Support Overshoots

"Nice trades stew. I got out on that spike in NOG. I couldn't go in big but wow! sick sick call!
This man is good people. One of my better weeks. Will say it again, this service has always paid for itself.

Bryan. (chat room name: SWOONED)

(Art Of Trading Member since inception, April 2009!)

"Hi Stewie,

Thanks for the best day so far!

Thanks Stewie for great day. Best single day I have had since starting to trade 1 year ago. Got in on both of your alerts today, and a couple bounces on my own."

Nathan P. (Member for 2 months)

"Hey Stewie,

Thanks for the guidance today!
Caught your alert for NOG a little late at $27.86 but rode it up to $29.40 for a 5.4% gain.
Also took took CLF a little late @ $86.33 and sold at $87.30 for a 1% gain.
I really appreciate your patience and well-timed entries.
Thanks again for the solid trades and insight."

- Lee (Member less than 2 weeks!)

"Hey Stewie,

I’ve been following you for the last week on my free trial. Just wanted to say I like the service you run. I like the fact you seem to care more about the other traders than just a bottom line. I watched your trades and saw you have a couple of good ones with good results. The email updates of when you get in, stop-loss settings and reasons, when you get out, and any extra info you may have really helps with the trading. I like what I see in the chat room so far so I will probably be sticking around for a while. Keep the videos coming I am enjoying watching those."

Adam(Member still on FREE TRIAL!)


Took this alert too. Booked $203 from this trade. In total, I booked about $519 from your alerts today. Thank you!"

Gin (Member for over 1.5 years!)


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