Saturday, April 9, 2011

ART OF TRADING Chat Room Etiquette

HI guys,

As the service grows and we get more and more members i find it important to remind newer and older members for that matter about the importance of keeping the chat room an important learning tool for ALL! Believe it or not, most of you will do most of your learning and you will become a much more complete and skillful trader by hanging out in the chat room! My confidence as a trader has sky rocketed because of lurking and being around other traders and listening and watching them work thru good and bad periods. I learned the most in my earlier years when i used to frequent at the time a free chat room at . The chat room has since shut down pretty much but i will NEVER forget my experiences there as i met some truly skillful traders and learned so much from them. My confidence exploded while hanging out in that chat room!

Anyway, I want to keep a VERY high standard and make the ART OF TRADING chat room the BEST chat room in the business! I know many of you think that this chat room is awesome but i want to make sure we ALL work to keep the chat room operational, educational and a powerful tool for veteran and new traders!!

How can we do that? Well, it's simple but we ALL need to work as a team and remember we are a TEAM!! Your contribution matters! We win together and we lose together. WE ARE A TEAM!!

So having said that:

Rule 1 :

We are ALL team mates: We all must have each others backs. I can assure you that this chat room has a support system between traders that no other chat room can compete with! This is something that i am MOST proud of! If a fellow trader needs help, we HELP HIM/HER! No questions asked! There is no question 'too dumb"! Remember, when we ALL were "NEW" at this and we all felt embarrassed to ask the 'simple' or 'newbie' questions?? remember?? I am sure you do! At the ART OF TRADING chat room, there are NO SILLY questions!! Ask and you will find someone willing to help! WE ALL GOT EACH OTHER'S BACKS.


Always respect other traders. Look, we are all different and we all have different styles and backgrounds but NEVER disrespect another fellow trader's style or strategy as we all try and battle thru this crazy business. NO bragging or showing off, NO "i told so", or anything like that! Look, no one will like you when you do something like that. It does not make you look smart or a good trader. It just makes you look arrogant! No one likes a arrogant person. So stay HUMBLE please.


Always give other traders your EXACT entries and exits! Whether you are "right" or "wrong", that's NOT the issue here. We all wanna learn and maybe even profit from calls that you make! Nothing feels better than sharing a good trade with a fellow member and he/she thanks YOU for the exact ENTRY and EXIT! It feels great to help a fellow trader out. WIN or LOSE, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that you are helping out in MANY WAYS when you post your entries and exits. Try and give an EXACT price and EXIT of your trades.

When you post a trade: Don't just post it and not follow up on it. People wanna know, if you bought AAPL at 330.00. People wanna know if you sold and what price? People will RESPECT YOU win or lose!! The only time people will not 'respect' is if you do not follow up on your losing trades. Look, we all know this is TRADING! In trading, EVERY SINGLE person WILL see a loss and many losses even!! If you do not talk about your losses, people will lose faith in you and not trust you any more! Be a gentleman/woman and please mention YOUR trade entries and exits because WANT to learn from you! WIN or LOSE< that is NOT the issue. We all respect you. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!


PLEASE no bickering, negative ranting or arguing guys! (thankfully this is VERY RARE here!!)
Look we are all different people/traders but we all need to be respectful of each other! Be yourself, crack a joke if you wish, give feedback on a trade, etc etc BUT REMEMBER: you gotta do in a RESPECTFUL WAY! WE ARE ALL adults here! Help keep the chat room vibepositive at all times!

REMEMBER: WE ARE A TEAM!! A team wins together and losses together!!

But at the ART OF TRADING we are a WINNING TEAM! ;-)

I hope this makes sense guys and i look forward to learning, earning and growing with ALL of you!!

Thanks for listening!

good night and god bless!!


Member feedback:

"Great email and great coaching. I haven't used the chat room yet (new member) but after reading that email I think I will try to drop in. Actually very inspirational."


Well said. I am definitely learning when I can be in the chat room. Mostly listening (lurking) but really enjoy the comraderie that exists among your members.

Keep up the good work and good trading."


"Love you man! You are always so positive, patient and giving. Thank you for all you do and for teaching, sharing and giving.

The payoff for you is coming and it'll be in a much larger proportion to what you give.

Stay well my friend!"

John K.

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