Saturday, April 9, 2011

ART OF TRADING Success Story!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Meet Laura!! Also known as 'LAUREN' in the chat room. She's the "deadly assassin" from the chat room!! She's often silent but when she speaks, it's best you listen! She walked into the ART OF TRADING over 1 year ago as a complete newbie!! Today, she is by far one of the most improved traders i work with! She's extremely skillful and careful with her entries and exits! Enters and exits with extreme finesse that rivals any wall street pro! She often uses my setups, NYC's lists and/or her own! Her charting skills and talent to spot good setups has sky rocketed recently! She's sets the alerts and wait patiently for the trades to come to her! Alerts pops on her screen, she calls it out in the chat room: For example: "SHZ $5.50 alert" and places the trade and she is PATIENT! She'll ride a trade for a few days if need be and is NOT greedy. You'll often see her book her gains quickly and never brags. She calls out ALL her trades in the chat room. Humble, honest, sweet and smart!

Here's what she accomplished in a market that is very stingy right now!

"Hey Stewie,

I had a great week!

My account is 5% bigger and only in a week. That is my monthly target!

You can be proud of what you and guys in the chat room have made of me :)

Have a nice weekend


This is so inspirational and you bet we are very proud of you Laura! Congratulations!


21 said...

Laura, your the man!

Stewie said...

LOL. nice. Thanks. i'll pass on the message.

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