Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Subscriber!!!

Great personalized service by traderstewie for all levels

I've been with traderstewie for close to 2 months now - have never been happier. He offers a very personalized approach to investing. Yes there are thousands of newsletters / investment services out there that sends out real-time alerts, but how many would actually really take the time & effort to reply to your queries? (however newbie they may be).

traderstewie is passionate at what he does. Every morning between 6-6.30 am PST, he emails his subscribers a pre-market take (and yes, he lives in the West Coast.. so he does get up that early!). More importantly, he is good in what he does. I started following stewie through twitter, and noticed that he publishes good setups (check out After making money on some setups, I was intrigued that he runs a subscription service - with 2 weeks free trial, so I decided to give it a go.

In the first 3.5 weeks of my subscription (and this includes 2 weeks of free trial), I made $1969.28 following his recs. But more important than gains, from following him, I'm getting a better sense of when to get in, when to get out.. when things look right, and when things start to look wrong. I would highly recommend this service to anyone willing to learn. I subscribed to many different services before, and I can honestly say this is one service that I would subscribe to for a long time.

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