Sunday, March 21, 2010

ART OF TRADING One Year Anniversary!!!!

Exactly one year ago i started the ART OF TRADING service and ever since then i have entered an amazing journey into TRADER EDUCATION! As a trader, starting this service has been one if not the best thing i have ever done as a trader. Before embarking into this, i promised myself (and the folks who believed in me back then), that i will offer them something that they have never seen before: Something different, something unique, something with very personalized, something that helps them grow as traders, something that is affordable and something that sells itself via word of mouth.
I can safely say based on testimonials from the numerous traders who walked in and out of the ART OF TRADING doors that I have delivered in many aspects on the promise i made one year ago. You can see full detailed reviews on investimonials!!

Exactly One Year Ago I Wrote This Post:

I hope to bring you even more ideas. I fully intend to share more and hoping that i deliver on my promise to


SkyTrader said...

Congrats Stewie!

SteelerTrader said...

Happy Anniversary!!! well done bro.. Keep up the great work and cheers to continued Success!

Stewie said...

Cheers Sky Trader!! and Cheers SteelerTradeR!!! You guys are class.

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