Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inverse Funds Update


Anonymous said...

How long does the bull party last? Seems like the indexes are bound to eventually take out their 20-SMA, maybe the 50-SMA will be the stopping point. There's some room to run to get there though. These inverse ETF supports look like they'll be taken out soon. There's going to be some tasty shorts if this party last. Of course, perhaps the party will end sooner then we think? Seems like everyone's a bull of a sudden? That being said,
solar short squeeze party tomorrow - you're invited :). Casino short squeeze party was something to behold today.

Stewie said...

futures look very strong so these supports i showed on the inverse etfs will surely be taken out but trust me these etfs will set up nicely once the bull run it's course. patience, in the meantime i see short squeeze potential, like you said.

Unknown said...

So is the gap up tomorrow a good entry for inverse?

Anonymous said...


Just wondering how one would have used these charts. Would it have been a good idea to have taken a couple of these short ETF's before the close today? Obviously, we now know it would have been a bad move since we now know the futures are up big... Your thoughts? Thanks.


Stewie said...

guysL some of these patterns on these etfs are symmetrical and hence they are neutral so you have to respect both pivots. with today's huge gap up, these patterns will break to the downside. as you have already i highly recommend to not carry inverse etfs overnite. this market is extremely news driven and things change every min. it's best to stay in day trade mode. also, the bulls are getting more aggressive now. this is a seasonally positive time for the markets. nov/dec time is very positive historically. so be cautious with overnite shorts or rushing to short these rallies. there will be a time to load on these inverse etfs, now is not the time. best of luck.

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