Friday, October 24, 2008

The Stock Market Exposes Another Loser!

Questionable Call?


Bluedog said...

What a dipshit. I'm deleting him off my computer.

Unknown said...

My sentiments exactly.
Have a good weekend Stewie!

lelio said...

I dont get it? would anybody mind explaining? is it the obama joke or the mosaic chart? thanks

Complacent Panda said...

You really told him off. Nice. There are far too many racist jokes out there already. And religious jokes, even though Obama is Christian, like most of the country (not muslim). It's sickening.

But, then again, all these people have is McCain. How else are they going to fight? On principles? On policies? On integrity? HAHAHA. Nah.

I don't think they'll be laughing on November 2nd.

Take care.

Mike said...

if thats how he really feels. I feel bad for his kids for having such a narrow minded and cowardly father.

lelio said...

I think its meant as a joke. and I know I am going to get flamed for this, but racism and classism and all that is part of being human.

Mike said...

of course it was meant as a joke. he's running a financial website, not a hate website. i get that. if you put something like that up on a public domain, expect the criticism. that "humor" is reflective of how socially isolated you are from other classes and races in this country. unless you were born yesterday in a cave, youll know that is offensive to particular groups of people.

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