Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock The VOTE!!

Take a second and submit your vote to that poll you see on your right!



Anonymous said...

I voted for 7500 but it got recorded nder 8500.
Something wrong with the SW.

Stewie said...

i'm sorry anon. what's "SW"? said...

I vote SPY at 950 or another 4% or so, so around 9100.
The fact of the martter is, the market is about 5 to 8 days away from the beginning of a long sustained bull rally, in a bear market.
I think this bull rally will last at least 6 weeks.

Stewie said...

zstock: you are being very specific: makes me think you are have insider information. lol. i agree with you, i think we are getting very close to a major snap back soon. but the ultimate lows or bottom is not there yet. as a matter of fact, i voted for 7500 on my own poll.

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