Thursday, October 30, 2008

VIX Refuses To Give Up The Line


Anonymous said...

I just don't trust this rally. I hear people telling me how their businesses are slow and I have to believe this is just a relief rally in the downward continuation.

I'm watching those inverses too and think they might be ready to rally. I hope you get your $ back. Thanks for the posts.

Dan T. (couldn't login for some reason)

Stewie said...

dan. this is a relief rally, don't fight it. people are getting wildly bullish. the warm and fuzzies could last until december. this is a seasonally strong period but i i do expect at least one more spike in the VIX and inv erse funds but this spike might set up a buying Opportuntiy for stocks BUT, please don't lose sight of the bigger picture: economy and market heading lower in the months to come.

Anonymous said...

we are starting a new bull market. Dow 30,000 in 3 years.

Stewie said...

ummmm. anon: you must be joking, right? please tell me you are joking? right?

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