Friday, October 31, 2008

QQQQ Analysis

A short term low has been achieved in the QQQQ but i hate to rain on the bulls parade but i am not buying this scenario. This is just too easy and my instincts are telling me to DAY TRADE it long and sleep with one eye open because it can all disappear in a blink of an eye. We are currently testing the 20 day moving average, first test in two months. First tests of the 20 day MA are usually successful. So i am expecting at least a rejection from here. I imagine it will be buyable pullback and i also imagine that the bulls have enough staying power to last them thru December(nov and dec is historically very bullish). This is a test i am watching with great interest: If the bulls cannot muster up serious upside in the next two months then BOY-O-BOY, watch out below, cause something nasty is lurking.... that's my two cents and until the CHARTS prove me wrong, i am stickin to it. For now: the bulls have it.


Bruce (gmail) said...


I agree with you 100%. Yet, just want to get things clear -- this looks like a set-up you usually take (MACD and RSI divergence). So it's the weak volume that is keeping you out -- that as well as the test of 20 day MA and your trader intuition?


Anonymous said...


I am new to trading and very interested in TA. I appreciate your charts and videos.

Stewie said...

bruce. gotta give the bulls the benefit of the doubt. even in bear markets, it is still very possible to see multi week rallies.

Stewie said...

thanks Bradj!

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