Friday, October 10, 2008

Ummm yea. I Have The Right To Be Wrong.


Market Monk said...


I am not sure what this post is in reference to but I will say this:

You are a "trader", you formulate your decisions based on what the market is telling you at that moment. Many times the market fools us, what is important is to recognize that we are wrong and act accordingly (going flat or reversing our positions).

When I first meet you, it drove me crazy with all of your flip flops, lol. But then I realized that a real trader doesn't fight the market, a real trader rides the waves of the market. And these days we have seen the market switch directions faster with waves that are bigger than ever before.

So please keep posting your thoughts and observations about the market as you are spot on far more than you are wrong.


Stewie said...

thanks MM. i AM the ultimate flip flopper. even worse than John Kerry, lol. but you need to constantly switch your stance and sometimes on a dime if you are a short term trader like myself.

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